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Wherever you're going, you won't get there without trust!

We don’t often think about it, but our need to trust others is primal and inescapable. It’s coded into human DNA, acting to connect us all!

Just ask yourself, How much time, effort, or money am I willing to invest in someone I don’t 100% trust? …and then, Does that make me feel uneasy or vulnerable?

It’s simple human nature for your answers to parallel your level of trust. Also, you should know that as part of human nature, your subconscious mind poses this question of trust—whether to move forward or step back—all the time!

Meaning, Trust, Belonging, Growth, Autonomy, and Understanding—Nice!

These are all nice concepts. You probably do wish that you could expect these things from other people. And, with that kind of treatment you’d be likely to echo the same support back to them. Sociologists call this reciprocity. At Trust2Connect we like to think of it as the natural law of Fair Trade. It’s nice that humans innately recognize what’s fair.

If you acquired these concepts from a speaker or an author, you couldn’t directly reciprocate, but maybe you’d feel obliged to pay it forward. And, that would be nice.

Once they’ve shared this knowledge, most speakers and authors would consider that you learned it from them. But, that’s decidedly not nice. Knowledge without an understanding of how to apply it has dubious value.

Connect has the tools, methods, and content that provides the Do Step, creating value and achieving goals by putting knowledge to work. Isn’t that nice?

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