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Before Our Session

Each of us is continually and naively shaping our own future...

Not so much defined by the thousands of decisions we make each day, but by the reasons we make them.

Problem is, we think we understand these reasons…but we really don’t.

This is a serious gap that can make everyday life miserable. Over time, it becomes a barricade between where you are, and the future you wish you were living.

Years ago, that was exactly my situation…exactly where I was when I finally said:


There had to be a better way to run my company. A way without all the stress, friction, and disappointments.

The biggest secret!

How to create the future you want, without a lot of stress, without complicated programs, and without a bunch of online courses? I don’t know why, but it’s always been a secret.

The VitalSpiral is a high-value takeaway, you won't want to miss our strategy session!

You were born—actually, we were all born—with 100% of the solution embedded in our DNA. Human nature has all the answers, and yet no one has ever told us where they were, or how to use them to our benefit.

Well, I’m going to spill the beans! During our strategy session you’re going to learn the eight steps of the VitalSpiral™, human nature’s path from our DNA, on through emotions, feelings, behavior, relationships and more. The VitalSpiral is a huge take away, so don’t miss our strategy session!

The ability to design your own future...

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and creator of the Connect platform of products. Connect gives people the ability to change their own outcomes …to actually design their own future.

Future Redesign specifically acknowledges that we actively shape our future every day. We do it without realizing it, which can be a problem—but it doesn’t have to be.

 My five-plus decades of design experience includes architecture, graphics, marketing, marketing communications, learning, software and more.  

I’m most passionate about creating change through behavior design. I’ve changed the outcomes of hundreds of thousands of people by improving their one-on-one and small team relationships. Client partners have included these organizations, and more:

  • AutoNation
  • Best Buy
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Michelin NA
  • NASA
  • Newell Rubbermaid
  • Petco
  • Qualcomm
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sony USA
  • Wiesman Enterprises


Nick@Michelin NA

Nat’l High-Performance Brand Mgr


Jack’s team is capable of pulling our marketing partners and resellers into programs that benefit everyone. For example, Jack created a relationship-based selling approach for just one region of one of our national resellers. After 11 months in the program, the sales for that region were up by 25% over the other regions. And, it was generally with our highest margin tires! Infusing the same ideas into the learning we expect all our dealers to complete was so successful—we found that they were recommending a Michelin tire first, 95% of the time. Working with Jack is always a pleasure, even when he teaches these old dogs some new tricks!


COO Kaleidoscope Group


Trust2Connect has been a very instrumental and important partner and advisor for Kaleidoscope Group over the last three years. …their talent and resources, at all levels, continue to help us challenge the norm and think outside the box for our everyday solutions—and ultimately work to take the industry to the next level. Kaleidoscope wouldn’t be where we are today without the thought leadership of this impressive team of collaborators and innovators.

Richard@Sams’s Club

In Store Training Mgr


Telephone-based Member Services is a critical touch point, especially through the busy holidays. Ninety days before Christmas we bring in an extra 300 member services reps who get some brush-up training right as they go live with our Members. Jack and his crew always focus on creating positive relationships, and one year we incorporated their SOAR principles for building relationships that are Supportive, Understanding, Objective, and Responsive. At the end of 90 days, this seasonal group had received 12 times the kudos (asking to talk to a supervisor with positive feedback) as their legacy counterparts. How cool is that?

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