Whose Future is it anyway?

When trust is hard to come by…

The more scarce something is the more valuable it tends to be. That’s certainly true when it comes to trust! It’s the one best tool for bridging the gap between two people and for the connections within any team or group.

These are some of the takeaways from this audiogram:

  1. Quickly establishing trust is crucial in phone sales. No trust? No sale!
  2. The Word Equation technique can effectively create interest and demonstrate integrity. 
  3. Recommended strategies for creating trust include honesty, transparency, active listening, plus six other guidelines.
  4. Guidelines for differentiation include: authenticity, empathy, personalization,  adopting a long-term relationship mindset, plus five more suggestions.
  5. Long-term trust takes time to develop and requires patience and consistency of efforts.
From this reduced size image you can see what the downloadable PDF looks like.

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